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Oscars 2012 Death Race Update: 4 weeks to go

Submitted by on January 30, 2012 – 12:56 AM6 Comments

Current score: Oscars 43, Sarah 18 (1 category completed)

Actually sitting slightly ahead of that, but have several write-ups still outstanding.

In case you missed them:
A Better Life
A Cat In Paris

Not terribly confident at this point, but four weeks out, you just try to keep paddling. Don't forget, for updates on the ODR, you can follow the Press Play blog's Twitter right here.

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  • WendyD says:

    Every year I fail to complete the ODR because of lack of access to the feature-length docs and foreign films. I doubt this year will be any different.

  • Monty Ashley says:

    I feel good about the docs (three are on DVD and Paradise Lost 3 is on my Tivo already), but the Foreign movies are worrying me. I'm sure I'll knock off A Separation, and I hear Bullhead is getting released, but I've heard no word at all on the other three.

    Sarah, I enjoy watching your race because it seems like we're watching the movies starting from opposite ends. I've seen like six movies in the last two days, but I haven't seen Warrior, A Better Life, *or* A Cat in Paris. I'm not even sure how I'm going to see those last two. So I look forward to the end of the race, when our lists will finally converge.

  • avis says:

    How can we tell what you have and haven't seen? I clicked on the Indie link and some titles are red and some are black and some are links and some aren't. I am lost.

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    I think if it's not linked, I haven't seen it. Linked means I have; red means I ha…ve? I think? Feel free to leave this comment on that entry as well, so the jefes can make note of it and maybe we can tweak the layout. Sorry it's confusing!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Red ones are ones you've posted at Press Play, underlined ones are ones you've blogged here. I think.

  • avis says:

    I commented there.

    Trying to figure out what has been seen and what hasn't and not doing well with this format. The Descendents has a black link to TomatoNation under Best Picture and clearly has been seen but George Clooney/The Descendants under Best Actor is linkless, as is The Descendants under Best Film Editing. Maybe there could be some kind of indicator saying this has been fulfilled?

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