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Support Local Biz: August 6, 2009

Submitted by on August 6, 2009 – 11:50 AM3 Comments
photo by Regina Heater

photo by Regina Heater

Reader Amalie is putting together a collection of plays and one-acts for performances affiliated with the Berkeley, CA Public Library — including a few of the Famous Ghost Monologues.   (Mary Charles McCormack, Mary Katherine Tomiczek, and Jennifer Gage Dovacek.)   If you’d like to attend, the show goes up on August 15th at Willard Metalshop Theater (Stuart St.) in Berkeley at 7:30 PM, and August 16th at South Branch Library Lawn (Russel St.) at 11 AM.

Also, reader Jess invites you to join the Twitter Book Club:

I’m a long-time reader and fan of Tomato Nation, and a multi-year participant in the Donors Choose challenge.   (This year I won the Embittermints — now my bitter sentiments come with minty-fresh breath. :-)

In my work life, I’m on the web development team for WETA, the public broadcasting station in Washington, DC.   Our latest project is and features video interviews with famous and upcoming authors.

Recently, we’ve been trying something we call the Twitter Book Club — once a month, people can gather on Twitter and discuss (in 140 characters or less) a specific book.   Often the authors participate as well.

We’re going to be discussing Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout on Monday, August 10 from 9-10pm Eastern and since this might be something you and your readers would be interested in I thought I’d pass it along.   I’ve pasted the promotional copy below — if you’d like to publicize it on TomatoNation (or tweet about it, or whatever), that would be great.




  • Margaret in CO says:

    That photo is gorgeous.

  • Bitts says:

    I just finished Olive Kitteridge last week and will be very interested in reading the Twitter stream about it. It was very sad throughout, but the ending was realistic and hopeful. I liked it.

  • Emerson says:

    I’m old, and don’t know what the word I’m about to say really means, but here goes: kewl!

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