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The Nause-AA: At Long Last Liver

Submitted by on September 28, 2012 – 4:31 PM5 Comments

Ladies and gentlemen, our “winner”: organ meats/offal! Lima beans went down without much of a fight, surprisingly (they only scratched out 19% of the vote).

Huge thanks to Keckler, as always, and to you guys for reading, voting, and commenting so colorfully and hilariously. Stay tuned for a face-off between all the onomatopoetic hoarf sounds!




  • scout1222 says:

    Fantastic contest! And once the pile of books/ebooks I already own gets whittled down a bit, Suffering Succotash gets added in. It’s already on my wishlist!

  • Mel says:

    Although I actually like liver, there are far more organ meats than that, each more repulsive than the last. So I ended up voting for them, instead of the hideous, misbegotten evil that is a lima bean.

  • attica says:

    My mystification that green peppers went down so early (huhhyaaak) prepared me for disappointment that perfectly tasty foods would take the crown. To all the people that voted against green pepps and lima beans, well, I hope you’re happy. You may all have my portions of those wretched, retching ‘foods’.

    Still, in the name of good sportsmanship, congratulations on a spirited and lively competition! I’ll take my kidneys and be on my way. ;)

  • Krissa says:

    Raisins are still the winner in the Nation’s heart, though.

  • Sandman says:

    “Variety meats” – oddly evocative euphemism, that. Variety shows in the seventies were also awful, in their spangly, silver lamé way.

    3, 2, 1 … All together now: “Shut up, raisins!”

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