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X-Files Rewatch: Season 2

Submitted by on September 1, 2012 – 6:41 PM8 Comments

Fluke Skywalker is kind of gross.

So, I started rewatching The X-Files from the beginning — or, really, “watching it,” because during the series’ run, I came in late and only watched casually. It holds up pretty well almost 20 years later, despite those horrendously budge credits, but you get some hilarious guest stars along the way, so I decided to tweet alternate titles for some of the episodes.

Follow along and/or guess the episodes by following the Twitter hashtag #XFilesRewatch.

S02E02 In Former Soviet Union, Tapeworm Eat You, Okay

S02E03 Sheriff Dearborne Is Told To Mass-Murder By His Digital Watch

S02E04 Sleep-Deprived Candyman Goes On Killing Spree; Captain Fuller Helps Stop Him

S02E05 CCH Pounder Is Not Trying To Hear Mulder’s Bullshit

S02E06 Mulder And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Gondola Ride

S02E07 Mrs. Ari Makes The Case For On-Set Acting Coaches In Exhausted Vampire “Plot”

S02E08 Scully, Back From Mat Leave, Chills In A Boat; Bobbie Barrett Plays With Crystals; Yelling And Confessions

S02E09 Throatpunching Superworm Stalks Vulcanologists; Inception BRRRAHHHHMMM Approves (alternate title: “Josh Lyman Goes Colonel Kurtz In The Quarantine”)

S02E10 That Rapey Guy From “Shawshank” Is Running A Cult

S02E11 Possessed Shrooming Grandpas

S02E12 Married, Mustachioed Locke’s Pregnant Side Dish Is Clairvoyant Suddenly

S02E13 Mulder And The Little Fella From Hill Street Blues Chase A Fetish Killer While Scully Tries Not To Hurl And Gets Kidnapped

S02E14 The First Mrs. Van Der Beek’s Stepfather Is A Bad-Touching Satanist

S02E15 Could You Not Do That Voodoo That Murder One Dude Do So Well Kthxbai

S02E16 Send In The Clones; Don’t Bother, They’re Here (Along With The Mulder-sicle And His Alleged Sister)

S02E17 Aaron Said It Best In Bring It On: “But YOU’RE Not My Sister. Are You.”

S02E18 Aliens Think We’re Doing A Shitty Job With Animal Conservation, Which They Express By Basically Killing One Town’s Whole Zoo

S02E19 Promisingly Creepy Submarine Story Sillified By Crap Old-Age Makeup

S02E20 Vincent Schiavelli’s Conjoined Twin Is Feeling A Mite Peckish

S02E22 ((Contagion + Prison Break) x Hank Schrader) / Mr. Sarah Whedon

S02E23 Adrian Monk, Black Hole-y Fool

S02E24 Mad Cow Disease Causes Small-Town Residents To Lose Their Heads

S02E25 Chief Ten Bears’s Translation Of Defense Department Documents: “Mulder, You’re Fucked”




  • Jen S 1.0 says:

    Eeh! I remember 3, 14, 18, and 19. Like you I was an on and off again watcher, but I still remember Mulder’s phone in three saying “Thanks, goodbye” at the end. Creeptastic.

  • Jaybird says:

    Hoo, boy. I had forgotten about some of these. The Donnie Pfaster one in particular, largely because I’m pretty sure he lives under my bed.

  • Janie S says:

    Donnie Pfaster lives under allof our beds.

    This is the season I started watching regularly. I remember so many of these from the sleepless nights they caused.

  • Jeanne says:

    Donnie Pfaster is why I made my mom stop calling me Girly Girl.

  • Sandman says:

    Mulder’s narration at the end of “Irresistible” is maybe the oddest thing about the second season. It’s a big fat “‘Normal’? Henh?” There’s no world in which Donnie Pfaster passes for normal. Nick Chinlund, bless his heart, practically slavers in the role.

    And *now* I have to go check under the bed…

    Love the suggested title for S02E25, though.

  • Matt says:

    The Donnie ep took place on my birthday in Minneapolis, and was one of my favorites in the entire run of the series. No aliens or liver eaters, just a scary guy in (one of the many) Scully in jeopardy episodes.

    I am such a nerd.

    St Paul

  • Jaybird says:

    Out of all of the episodes in the uneven 9-season run, Pfaster was the one Icky Thump that really and truly did give me the wig. Flukeman was gross, but I wasn’t truly scared; ditto for any of the other ooky things. But Pfaster was something that could happen, and has, and does.

    Oddly enough, I’m the person who’s usually unmoved by serial-killer stories; I usually get worked up over zombies and ghosts and werewolves, none of which are generally going to leave you room-temp in a ditch for real. But Chinlund owned that guy, in the “I live here and you’re on my LAWN” sort of way.

  • Jaybird says:

    Ugh. I have GOT to proofread better. That should read, “[N]one of which is going to leave you…” Sorry. GAAHHH.

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