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Contest: It's All Coming Together (Sort Of)

Submitted by on September 23, 2009 – 10:27 AM10 Comments

8diamondEight days until we get started! I hope to have a prize list and some other information to share by the end of today, but it's one of those duck days for me — trying to present an air of serenity above the waterline while paddling furiously below — so bear with me.

I can report that 1) I just got a glut of swag from Donors Choose's own Daphra, so y'all better want to win some makeup and thumb drives; 2) I look forward to introducing TN's new intern very shortly; and 3) I have to take an orange cat to the V-E-T in a few minutes, which may render all of this moot due to, you know, exsanguination.

Provided I survive, look for the regular Vine later today, and if you have an Etsy store, or know someone who does, and would like to donate goods from that store as a prize, I would very much like to hear from you.

Bet red, friends.

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  • KPP says:

    Hope you are well stocked in band aids and/or ear plugs. My dearly departed kitty was a ear plugs requiring vet trip. One time, the vet came in the room and said, "Ah, I thought that sounded like you." On the plus side, said kitty always forgave me about 5 minutes after we got home.

    Also: woot, free crap! Oh yeah, and charity!

  • Maria says:

    I'm loving the running gambling theme and graphics.

    CANNOT WAIT for this to kick off. Couch cushions beware.

  • Stephanie says:

    Ooh – I have an Etsy store and love this fundraiser. I just sent you an email with my prize offering.

  • Katie says:

    Very much looking forward to this all starting – can't BELIEVE it has been a year since the last one which seems like yesterday (even though I got married this year, so quite a momentous year really).
    'Fraid I had to look up "exsanguniation" and found the neat explanation of: "It is most commonly known as "bleeding to death"."
    Think I prefer your terminology though Sars. And good luck – hope it went well . . .

  • Jessica says:

    It took me a moment to realize you were talking about you losing blood, not the cat. Can you tell I'm a dog owner? Hope the cat in question is well. And not too fat.

  • robin says:

    I hope your kitty is doing better thsn mine. The Incredible Mr. Duzy Batz is spending my money in the veterinary hospital at this minute. We are trying to find out why he has suddenly (for several days) become very nauseous. Please, everybody, keep him in your good thoughts. If he doesn't spend it all first, I'll be pleased to help the rest of the TN in meeting our October goals.

  • robin says:

    "than", not "thsn". Duh, I can't type worth spit when I'm worried.

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    @Jessica: Heh. Hobey is the same weight, but they got the charts crossed up, so Dr. Maddon exclaims that he's lost five pounds since he last came in.

    "Last weight we have for him is seventee–"
    "Yeah, that's the other cat."
    "There's a note here… 'Owner delighted at modest loss of .4 pounds'?"
    "Dehhhh-finitely the other cat."
    "Kinda fat, is he?"
    "Oh, yes. 'Kinda.'"

  • Meredith B. says:

    hee. duck days.

  • Margaret in CO says:

    Look Out, Lambert!!! TN is gunnin' for your (admittedly adorable) ass!!!

    Sendin' kitty juju, Robin. Hope it's just some temporary bug. (A slow one that didn't quite crawl to safety under the stove…) Most of the time I'm glad my cats can't talk, but when they're at the vet's I sure wish they could say what's on thier minds. (((((robin)))))

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