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Red Ops Day 10: West Virginia Panhandle

Submitted by on June 1, 2012 – 12:07 AM7 Comments

12:01 AM, Day 11
Another fine performance, friends (echoed by Johan Santana’s no-no earlier this evening). About four and a half thousand on the day, which is fantastic, and I know our WV targets appreciate it.

I appreciate all your hard work the last two weeks — your matches, your prize offers, and your cheerleading and kind words. Thank you all, big and small, and stay tuned for prizing and wrap-up. At some point in the next day or two, the Red Ops URL will change over to a leaderboard featuring all cities, so look out for that. And if you forgot to forward me a receipt and want to enter the main prizing pool, send one (or all) to bunting at tomatonation dot com.

Thanks for being the best strike force a girl could ask for. You’ve helped a lot of students and teachers from a lot of places; enjoy the weekend!

7:30 PM
Nice work on the homestretch there, folks! A tip of the hat to the Ann D. Gang — and to all of you! Well north of three grand on the day, and 14 projects completed! For the last few hours, let’s add one last $50 Amazon gift card (thanks, Joan S.!) and keep it going.

You’re awesome, and you’re almost finished. One last push.

9:15 AM
Over a thousand already! Great job, night shift. And so many thanks again to our match commander from yesterday, Michelle R. Much appreciated!

Great job, eeeeeveryone! Let’s finish strong; see prizes below, AND don’t forget one of them is a DC gift code that you can win by donating before noon ET today! Forward those receipts, and mind your match code: PANHANDLE at checkout to double your money.

12: 05 AM
…Or “spike,” or whatever pointy appellation you’d like to give it. Today we’ll focus on that We’re # 1 finger of West Virginia — and today we’ve got a match code again! Enter PANHANDLE at checkout and get those donations matched up to $100!

Wonderful job yesterday; congrats on hitting that $1500 match. Today, we’ve got a passel of prizes to finish strong: a $25 Old Navy gift card; a $50 PF Chang’s gift card; and one last $25 gift code to one lucky donor who gives to a WV project before noon ET on June 1. Thanks to Anonyma and Vanessa Y. for the loot!

And thanks to all of you for joining the Red Ops army. You’ve done a great, generous job as always, and kids and teachers across the country really appreciate your help.

Forward your receipts to bunting at tomatonation dot com to get that loot, and happy Friday. See you back here at coffee hour!




  • GracieGirl says:

    C’mon, folks, you know you know the words…

    Country roads, take me home
    To the place I belong
    West Virginia, mountain momma
    Take me home, country roads

    All together now!

  • M Watkins says:

    West Virginia schools are experiencing extremely difficult financial times. Almost all our students live in areas that are considered high poverty. Let’s all join together and show them WE CARE about their classroom project! Tomato Nation, we appreciate you helping the children of West Virginia. God Bless You!

  • Ann Davis says:

    Great job so far TOMATO NATION! We have 3 projects with less than $100 to go and 2 more with just $101-$150 remaining. The West Coast is heading into the lunch hour so LET’S ROLL and help get these done. The east coast and midwest have done a great job with 8 projects completed SO FAR. WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER…the children in West Virginia are counting on us!

  • Amanda Mysteriosa says:

    If anyone’s up for finishing projects, I just donated to Create Future Philanthropists, and now it’s down to needing $58. With the match code in place that can be taken care of with a $29 donation.

    Likewise, Compassionate Kids Campaign Helps Cancer Patients is down to $88, $44 with the match code.

  • Amanda Mysteriosa says:

    … Aaand both of those projects are finished. Go, Nation!

  • Lis says:

    First, Thank you all for focusing on my poor sad state today! YAY Tomatonation! Rock it! Second, just for giggles I thought I’d share with you the following inside info: the shape of WV is often described by locals by giving “the finger”… your middle finger becomes the northern panhandle, and you stick your thumb out for the eastern panhandle, then you point at wherever you’re from and say “It’s Here”… and that’s how people from WV tell others where they live.

  • MCPO Roger Ramsey says:

    Nation! We are almost at the end of the OP… UNITE… one last push to get a few more projects completed. We have three projects from $99-$113 remaining in the WV Panhandle community. Don’t forget the MATCH CODE of “Panhandle” upon checkout so for just $159 TOTAL from our generous donors PLUS the MATCH MONEY we can fund these three. ONE STEP AT A TIME… just a few more hours and our work will be done. Ramsey OUT!

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