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Red Ops Day 3: Buffalo, NY

Submitted by on May 23, 2012 – 1:02 PM10 Comments

9 PM
Well north of 11K as of this writing. Awesome job, guys! And another hat tip to our matcher, Marie T.

Let’s finish out the day strong — why not wrap up this “Lifecycles” project? (Bugs!) Remember, there’s a $25 DC gift card in play, and I’ll add a couple of $10 iTunes gift cards for today’s donors.

Hang in there!

4:30 PM
Niiiiiiice! You polished off the 5; the $1000 is in there! We’re up over 10K for the week. Excellent job.

Don’t forget: BROWNSVILLE still in effect until 8 PM ET; more prizing coming up later. Well done, folks. (And thanks, Marie.)

2:30 PM
I see a bunch of you donating, which is great! I don’t get as many receipts as I see donations, which is fine — but if you want in on the daily prizing, forward those receipts to bunting at tomatonation dot com.

While you’re up, forward/FB your donation. Brag on it! You should, you’re awesome! And you might convert someone.

The BROWNSVILLE code expires at 8 PM ET. Use it while it’s hot! And watch this space for a cocktail-hour prize.

12:15 PM
More great news! The BROWNSVILLE code is still active, so if you’d like to double your donations up to $100 today, please use that match code, even though we’re helping Buffalo.

Also: 2 projects completed! Just 3 more to go before we get an extra $1000 — and with a match code, it’ll feel much easier!

Keep at it! More prizing is coming! Forward those receipts!

8:30 AM
Morning, everyone! With an assist from a couple of awesome readers, it’s time to get started on beautiful Buffalo. Awesome reader Marie T. is going to kick in a $1000 match when we’ve completed five projects on the Buffalo page!

And we’ve got a lot of fun ones to choose from: school uniforms; storage for dress-up clothes; pencil sharpeners; Gail Gibbons non-fiction book sets; and much more. Just finish five (5) and we’ll get a 1K match!

Awesome reader Vanessa Y., meanwhile, makes it possible for me to offer a $25 DonorsChoose gift code to a lucky winner who donates before 2 PM ET today! Forward those receipts to bunting at tomatonation dot com, and stay tuned for another match code coming up later.

Marvelous work so far, guys! Spread the word.

12:01 AM
Ahhhh yes: The ‘Lo. I apologize in advance for all the puns sure to come involving lake-effect snow; I mean them in the most loving way. The giving page is, once again, right here. You should see Buffalo projects, but if it’s still coming up Albuquerque for you, fear not. It should change over soon.

Tune back in tomorrow for more prizing and match news!




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