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The Tomato Nation Fall Classic II: Ham Fighters

Submitted by on October 16, 2011 – 12:05 PM7 Comments

The Big Veg sets 'em up; you knock 'em down

Last year at this time, we raised money for an organization called Pitch In For Baseball. You can read more about them here, but PI4B collects and delivers baseball equipment and uniforms for and to under-served communities. Their work is especially key right now, for two reasons: 1) the U.S. economy stinks, and 2) Japan is still really struggling after the tsunami.

Kids around the country, and around the world, could really use new and gently used equipment to help them get outside and play ball — so that they can get enough exercise; so that they can learn to turn a double play with real gloves and balls instead of milk cartons and blobs of packed-down tinfoil; so that they know someone cares about them, and about this great game.

Can you help with even $5? Like I said, the economy stinks, but every buck makes a difference — let’s try to raise $5,000 by the end of the World Series. I know we can do it; we’ve raised that in a single day before.

We’ve got our own dedicated fundraising page, so no need to pants around with PayPal — just head straight over to the TNFC2 page and get started!

Or you can do what we did last year, and kick it pledge-stylee. For example, I’ll be donating one dollar for Milwaukee total bases (so, every time Prince launches one, that’s four bucks right there). You could donate a dime for every time Tim McCarver says something stupid. You can make side bets on Sager’s outfits, and donate those. You could put down five bucks every time an Upton hits a homer. Or you can just skip a latte one day next week and slap the $5 down directly — up to you!

Let’s find a way to help kids get equipment, and let’s find a way to make it fun. I will offer prizes; watch this space.

And once again, that donation link is riiiiiight here. Play ball.




  • bristlesage says:

    All right, it’s been a rough year here, but kids playing baseball, I’m in. $10 if the Yankees get bumped this round; $20 if next round; $30 if they lose the World Series. In the meantime, $1 for every Rays, Brewers, Phillies, and Tigers win. If all those teams get bounced this round, I’ll re-assess.

    Whee! Fun!

  • RJ says:

    I’d been having a lousy day today. Buying a kid a baseball glove just made it awesome!

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    Almost 10% there already! That’s awesome. Thanks, Nation.

  • FloridaErin says:

    30 if the Tigers get into the ALCS. 5 if Avila gets a hit by the end of the ALDS and 1 for every hit he gets after the first from now until they stop playing. 10 if Arizona can win tonight.

    And, since I’m betting on underdogs and don’t want to end up donating nothing, we’ll go with 1 for every game the Phillies win from here on out and a bonus to be determined because every time I try to think of something else I look up to see a Tiger taking a crap swing and start yelling at my television.

  • Kristen says:

    Well I am certainly happy the D-backs pretty much silenced the Brewers last night, except that means Sars didn’t donate much money for last night’s game. I know pledging after the fact is lame, but I firmly believe in sport jinxes and my power to cause them. Therefore, this Dback fan is donating $3 for every Dbacks run scored last night.

  • Grace says:

    After the miserable year the Giants had, I’ve been studiously ignoring the post-season. However, I can’t ignore a Tomato Nation fundraiser. I kicked in a decent amount, and I hope that others in the Nation will step up to the plate and help us meet the $5000 target.

  • Sarah D. Bunting says:

    Just sent in my Milwaukee total bases donation!

    Next up: $5 for every Nelson Cruz HR in the postseason. Anyone else?

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