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The Tomato Nation Fall Classic: School Days

Submitted by on October 4, 2010 – 9:13 AMNo Comment

Little did Mabel know she would soon dress as a tomato for the amusement of strangers…

In this morning's batch of email, threatened me with the following information: "We have a 1987 yearbook from [my school], Sarah!" Nice try,, but I was a freshman that year and am barely in that yearbook. You want to blackmail me, use another year.

I do have photos of myself from that era, however, and if we raise more than $150 for Little League equipment and JRF scholarships today, I will post a couple of them. Marvel at the mail-order-bride eyeliner! Recoil from the headband inexpertly made from a rolled bandanna! That PayPal/donation email is tnfallclassic at gmail dot com!

Mini-prizing for the first few days of the contest will happen this afternoon. Meantime, we're at $5,447 for DC and $265 for unis and JRF. Good work so far; let's get her done.

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