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I Got Married. Yay!

Submitted by on November 21, 2013 – 3:59 PM176 Comments

dan & sarah's wedding photo booth-3

His name is Dan. He’s great.

Thank everyone so much for all the kind wishes so far! I hope I don’t seem like I was trying to be sneaky; I just didn’t get around to posting about it, and since I hadn’t posted about getting engaged, it seemed abrupt maybe? I didn’t want to be all Look At Me Big Deal That Guy about it after I proposed, and then I thought, well, maybe when the ring comes, and then that took a while, and then we got married and I needed to rest, and then it was like, so do I just throw a “my husband” in here where it belongs or is that weird now.

(“YOU’RE weird now.” “Totally.”)

Anyway! Sorry. This is the newly married couple, being doofi in the photo booth Mr. Stupidhead set up for the wedding. We got married in my backyard in July, and had lobster roll and lit sparklers and laughed and laughed. (I proposed on my birthday, drunk, while eating clam roll. Please make all the jokes.)

Dan likes college basketball, iced tea, and being the cats’ favorite. I usually call him “Dirk Birthworthy, Professional Actor” around here. He’s my date to Promato 2014 if’n you want to meet him in person. Now we’re going on our honeymoon to eat even MORE seafood, because that’s how we (lobster) roll. When we get back, I will have the same advice I always did about wedding Vine questions, EXCEPT: brides, get the airbrushing. It looks really good and it stays PUT.




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