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Word Of The Day: “hargh”

Submitted by on March 18, 2012 – 10:32 AM2 Comments

From some of the same people who brought you “hew,” a handy portmanteau of “hee” and “ew,” comes this new coinage, compliments of the Couch Baron.

hargh.¬†interj. Combination of “hee” and “argh,” used to express amused irritation. (“Running a little late. Traffic backed up to the Belt junction b/c a chicken truck wrecked. Hens all over the median, hargh.”)




  • Jen S 1.0 says:

    “We would have met you here at the zoo cafeteria sooner, but the hippo started pooping and little Bobby insisted on staying to watch. Hargh! And hew.”

  • Kristen B says:

    hargh. interj. Combination of “hee” and “argh,” used to express amused irritation.

    I would amend that to: hargh. interj. Combination of “hee” and “argh,” used BY PIRATES to express amused irritation.

    There. Fixed that for you. ;)

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