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Articles tagged with: Famous Ghost Monologues

The Famous Ghost Monologues, No. 1b: Resurrection Mary
February 23, 2004 – 8:23 AM | No Comment

It’s a much different world now from when I started out. I don’t envy the ones who came after me. In my day, hitchhiking wasn’t how everyone thinks of it now — nobody thought it …

The Famous Ghost Monologues, No. 18: Lydia Sharp Jones
January 5, 2004 – 8:41 AM | No Comment

You stand behind a bar for forty years, you see a lot of lonely. You see a lot of stupid and bored, too, but that ain’t the same thing — ain’t no story behind those. …

The Famous Ghost Monologues, No. 17: Russell Ettinger Penny
December 15, 2003 – 8:40 AM | No Comment

“Life.” That word. You still use it all the time, “get a life,” “I’ve never seen anything like it in my life,” it’s still a part of your…your existence. And your existence…feels…like life. You still …

The Famous Ghost Monologues, No. 16: Noreen Anders LaSalle
December 1, 2003 – 8:39 AM | No Comment

When the living come for a visit, they don’t always talk. A lot of times, they stand there, at attention, and they stare at the headstone because they don’t know what else to look at, …

The Famous Ghost Monologues, No. 15: Corporal Josiah Hibbin Prager and Captain Chimney Rock Patterson
November 17, 2003 – 8:39 AM | No Comment

Prager: I thought surely I’d bear a mark.
Patterson: As big as a plate, that hole.
Prager: As big as a plate. The boy just kept shooting.
Patterson: We’d frightened him.
Prager: I suppose. Flushed him out.
Patterson: Took half …

The Famous Ghost Monologues, No. 14: Jessica Marie Garnett
November 11, 2003 – 8:37 AM | No Comment

It’s weird — lately I can’t stop thinking about Brianna Babitch. You know how certain things, when you’re a little kid, they’re like your whole world for a little while, and then by the time …

The Famous Ghost Monologues, No. 13: Michael Patrick Crean
October 13, 2003 – 8:36 AM | No Comment

We never lived here in Sheridan, my wife and I. We worked here, though, all our lives — well, my wife did, over at the hospital. I was on the train, of course. We actually …

The Famous Ghost Monologues, No. 12: Helen Alton, Dorothy Ayers, and Louise Wallace
October 6, 2003 – 8:35 AM | No Comment

Dot Ayers: The Shipley business, yes. Where to begin, really.
Helen Alton: Well, not that it’s my place to say, but —
Louise Wallace: Helen, please.
Mrs. Alton: You know, I just don’t know why I bother. I …

The Famous Ghost Monologues, No. 11: Scott Abbott Steller
September 22, 2003 – 8:34 AM | No Comment

Before I get into the whole Cowboy Stevie thing, which isn’t even really a thing, so much, but anyway, the person to talk to about this is really my grandma, because everything I know about …

The Famous Ghost Monologues, No. 10: Nelson Friedrich Schrantz
September 1, 2003 – 8:33 AM | No Comment

Heaven — it’s an interesting question, and it’s even more interesting because nobody around here agrees on the answer. Ask a dozen different people, get a dozen different theories. Heaven exists, or there’s no such …