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Articles tagged with: Famous Ghost Monologues

The Famous Ghost Monologues, No. 9: Peter Paul Buglione
July 29, 2003 – 8:33 AM | No Comment

You got to understand, to my sister, everything had to be a big thing. Everything. The weather. Her clothes. Ordering dinner. Should she get the soup, with the veal it’s too much food maybe, do …

The Famous Ghost Monologues, No. 8: Carol Ann “Ginger” Alford
July 22, 2003 – 8:32 AM | No Comment

I miss driving. If I could do one thing again, that’s what I’d do — I’d drive. No place in particular, just around like I used to do, up over Glacier Hill and down into …

The Famous Ghost Monologues, No. 7: Jennifer Gage Dovacek
June 30, 2003 – 8:31 AM | No Comment

The level of meaningless crap you have to deal with is way lower on this side. It’s like the number one thing that I would recommend about dying — okay, I don’t recommend dying, you …

The Famous Ghost Monologues, No. 6: Daniela Ciavardini Pope, as told to Jeanette Zorn Giannotti
June 3, 2003 – 8:30 AM | No Comment

Mio padre continuava a volere tener aperto il bar a tutti i costi, piú che altro perché diceva: “cos’altro si puó fare finché non lo prendono in pieno? Almeno s’ha qualcosa da fare.”
M-my father kept …

The Famous Ghost Monologues, Intermezzo: The Dominski Twins
May 20, 2003 – 8:28 AM | No Comment

Lizzie: Off we go, then.
Minnie: Quickly.
Lizzie: Off we go, then.
Minnie: Quickly.

The Famous Ghost Monologues, No. 5: Hugh Enright Hammersley
May 19, 2003 – 8:29 AM | No Comment

Ah, yes. The Dominskis. An interesting story. You wouldn’t know it, to see them the way they are now, but…the stuff of legend, that family. For lack of a better way to put it. Not …

The Famous Ghost Monologues, No. 4: Monday Neely, Travis Barber, Jesse Woolman, and Leonard Prewitt
May 12, 2003 – 8:28 AM | No Comment

From the left, Woolman, Barber, and Prewitt stand shoulder to shoulder. Neely stands centered in front of them.
Neely: Easier singing it than to say it, sometimes. Lots of times. A woman I knew, down Trenton, …

The Famous Ghost Monologues, No. 3: Robert Ellis Rixon
May 5, 2003 – 8:27 AM | One Comment

I had a house gig, before I came here. A house gig is nice — you can watch TV, you can sit in the kitchen, smell the cooking smells, listen to the conversations.
Not everyone digs …

The Famous Ghost Monologues, No. 2: Vincent Joseph Bruck
April 28, 2003 – 8:26 AM | One Comment

I don’t know what name you’d use for me. The ghost-hunters dress up the terms, to try to sound professional, and I believe their name for me is “repeating”…”repeating”…you know, I don’t remember the second …

The Famous Ghost Monologues, No. 1: Resurrection Mary
April 21, 2003 – 8:22 AM | One Comment

It’s gotten harder — it’s gotten a LOT harder, and I’ll tell you why. Well, okay, I guess I should say first that it’s a different world from when I started out. Back in the …