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Articles tagged with: feminism

Down, Boy!
May 13, 2002 – 1:44 PM | No Comment

I tuned in to Oprah last Tuesday, as I try to do every Tuesday, because I love Dr. Phil truly and deeply and I don't care who knows it. Dr. Phil rules all within his …

Girls, Girls, Girls
March 11, 2002 – 1:31 PM | 2 Comments

A couple of weeks ago, the New York Times Magazine ran an article entitled "Girls Just Want To Be Mean," about a woman named Rosalind Wiseman and her efforts to, as author Margaret Talbot describes …

A Four-Letter Word
September 1, 2001 – 12:42 PM | 55 Comments

Slut — 1: a slovenly woman : SLATTERN 2a: a lewd woman; esp : PROSTITUTE b: a saucy girl : MINX
Ah, "slut." A compact little word, forceful even in the way it sounds, starting out …

Guy Corporation Customer Service, Can I Help You?
June 20, 2001 – 12:32 PM | No Comment

Internal Memo
From: Dick Manley, COO, Guy Corporation
To: Customer Service, Sales
Cc: Marketing, Public Relations
For immediate distribution
Just a quick heads-up on the latest round of product recalls, folks. Last month's union work stoppages continue to take their …

What Women Want
May 20, 2001 – 12:26 PM | One Comment

Sarah: So you just left?
Regina: Yeah.
Sarah: Just grabbed your bag and —
Regina: Hell yeah!
Sarah: No explanation. Nothing.
Regina: Dude. He ordered a girl drink. It's not like I could stay there.
Sarah: What kind of girl drink?
Regina: …

Say Anything
February 20, 2001 – 12:08 PM | No Comment

How common is it to hear a person say, I myself do not object to this style of composition, or this or that expression, but, to such and such classes of people it will appear …

Annals Of Birth Control
August 19, 2000 – 12:48 PM | No Comment

Every twenty-eight days or so, I find myself standing on the sidewalk in front of my neighborhood drugstore, taking deep cleansing breaths and thinking good karmic thoughts so that I don't blow my stack and …

Hillary Go Home
February 19, 2000 – 2:43 PM | 3 Comments

"Women in particular expressed their distaste [for Hillary Rodham Clinton] in strong but inchoate terms. . . . two prominent Democratic officials told me, independently, that they had noticed much the same pattern in talking …

There She Is, Miss America
October 16, 1999 – 1:30 PM | No Comment

Back in the day, the Biscuit and I produced our own public-access television show. One of these days, I’ll write a column about the "Moist Towelette" era, but in order to avoid meandering off into …

Creative Writing
September 18, 1999 – 10:42 AM | No Comment

I have read Susan Faludi’s Backlash. It took me three tries, but I finally got through it, and only because I brought with me on my forty-minute subway commute each morning so that I would …