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Articles tagged with: feminism

Give Me The Liberty Or Give Me Death
September 18, 1999 – 10:40 AM | No Comment

My freshman year in college, I had a roommate who played hockey – not upper-crusty kilt-wearing field-hockey hockey, but thuggish pad-wearing ice-hockey hockey. I knew next to nothing about hockey – my parents hauled me …

When Hormones Attack
April 19, 1999 – 10:48 AM | No Comment

Before I went on the Pill, I used to suffer from mild PMS. I gained a little weight, but only a couple of pounds; I snacked more, but not too much more; I got choked …

The Skinny On "How Thin Is Too Thin?"
March 16, 1999 – 1:27 PM | No Comment

I never buy People. I never even leaf through it at the doctor’s office; I’d rather read a four-month-old issue of Parenting. Even an unapologetic pop-cultivore like me has to draw the line somewhere, and …

Boo Hoo. Not.
February 19, 1999 – 10:56 AM | No Comment

Men irritate the hell out of me sometimes – for instance, the times I hang out with men, and the conversation turns to injuries we have sustained, and after we run through the usual broken …

Like, Shut Up!
December 11, 1998 – 10:20 PM | No Comment

For the last week or so, New York City has enjoyed unseasonably
balmy weather, and I like warm sunny days as much as the next person, but I want it to get cold again. I can't …

Behind The Scenes
September 16, 1998 – 12:09 PM | No Comment

Okay, people, can we get started? Okay. I hope someone remembered to get me some cigarettes – okay, thank god. Pass that ashtray down here and let’s get this over with.
The first order of business …

Parental Supervision
August 16, 1998 – 12:16 PM | No Comment

I don’t like kids. I have never liked kids. Even as a kid, I didn’t like kids. Okay, certain children can give my heartstrings a tug sometimes. One time I went browsing in a home …

Madonna, The Child
March 16, 1998 – 12:45 PM | No Comment

I remember the first time that I really became aware of Madonna’s existence. During my elementary school and junior high school years, my parents did not allow me to have the radio on while I …

Nagano Mercy
February 16, 1998 – 1:06 PM | No Comment

My father despises Jimmy Carter. Not that he has an ongoing love affair with the rest of the Democratic Party either, but he reserves the full weight of his contempt for Carter. A time-honored "Dinnertime …

Holy Matrimony, Batman!
February 16, 1998 – 1:04 PM | No Comment

In elementary school, my best friend and I played elaborate games of dress-up involving our mothers’ cast-off clothes and shoes, and when I look back at some of the scenarios we imagined ourselves inhabiting, I …