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Articles tagged with: fiction

The Subheroes Chapter 12: The Sultans Of Chop, Part I
September 19, 2005 – 10:50 AM | No Comment

One Sunday afternoon, years ago, Miranda took Oppenheimer II out for a walk. A big thunderstorm had just passed through, and at each intersection, while Oppenheimer II sniffed around, Miranda eyed the storm drains to …

The Subheroes Chapter 11: Sense and Sensibility
January 24, 2005 – 9:36 AM | No Comment

It’s looking like snow. Jenny hopes it snows; snow dulls the old smells, makes it easier for Rina to work, plus maybe they’ll open the bookstore late and she won’t have to go in for …

The Subheroes Chapter 10: The Ghost Is The Machine
December 13, 2004 – 9:29 AM | No Comment

Lionel and Tjinder are standing on The Driver’s side porch. Lionel is on the phone with Diz; Tjinder is shifting from foot to foot. He looks at their car in the driveway, and at his …

The Subheroes Chapter 9: Right Direction
October 25, 2004 – 9:24 AM | No Comment

Shelley comes out into the front office, glances into the cabinet, and snaps her fingers lightly. Olivia: “[Eyebrows?]” Shelley: “[Head flick.]” Olivia gets up and follows Shelley into the back office. She looks over her …

The Subheroes Chapter 8: Happy Family
October 11, 2004 – 9:22 AM | No Comment

Years ago, Ro Jin lived with his wife and three children in a little house on the canal. His wife Ro Fan was known as a great beauty, and also for her startling hands, long …

The Subheroes Chapter 7: Bedtime
September 3, 2004 – 9:18 AM | No Comment

Shelley told Olivia to sit on the brown couch in the office, so Olivia is sitting there, rubbing the strap of her bag with her thumb, watching Marie stick Post-It flags on a take-out menu. …

The Subheroes Chapter 6: Driver In Exile
August 23, 2004 – 9:15 AM | No Comment

Outside, the light has guttered down to the horizon behind the scrub pines, and the air is cool and soft like a sheet.
Inside, it’s warmer. A loaf of bread is sitting on the counter, cut …

The Subheroes Chapter 5: The Kid Enters The Picture
July 26, 2004 – 9:12 AM | One Comment

The first thing she notices about the bar is that it smells funny. It doesn’t smell bad — but that’s what’s funny about it. There isn’t that fug of slopped beer and secondhand cologne. Everything …

The Subheroes Chapter 4: The Plan Falls Apart
July 19, 2004 – 9:12 AM | No Comment

Diz hands the hen back to me and holds his hand out to —
Okay, can I — I’m sorry, I need to just stop you here for a second.
Shelley freezes, hen under her arm lineman-style, …

The Subheroes Chapter 3: Henhouse of Buggin’
July 5, 2004 – 9:10 AM | No Comment

Diz frowns. “Do you think we need The Nose?”
“I think we might need The Nose, and I think better safe than sorry.”
“Sure, but if we don’t end up using her and she has to” — …