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Articles tagged with: fiction

The Subheroes Chapter 2: Soup To Nuts
June 23, 2004 – 9:07 AM | No Comment

Slam! goes the phone, rrrrrump go the wheels of my desk chair, sssswish goes my messenger bag over my shoulders, and I'm halfway across the outer office when I see the baby, and I swear …

The Subheroes Chapter 1: Distraction
June 16, 2004 – 9:06 AM | No Comment

Every job, you need a different thing, a different combination. Sometimes, you only need Ro Jin. Sometimes, you need The Nose and Jenny, or The Nose and Jenny and a Driver and a Navigator and …

Rock, Tree, Fish
March 10, 2003 – 2:28 PM | No Comment

Madeline went out into the lane in front of the house, turned right, and began to walk down it, off to find Charlie. It was the kind of cold day that didn't feel all that …

The Canon According To Tomato Nation, Part Two
December 16, 1999 – 1:20 PM | No Comment

When I ask the Biscuit to hold my messenger bag for a second so I can re-layer my clothing or whatever, he often makes a big show of staggering underneath its weight. I usually greet …