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The Vine: March 5, 2010

Submitted by on March 5, 2010 – 11:00 AM15 Comments


This isn’t the typical book question, but I know that the readers are an observant and helpful bunch so hopefully this isn’t too weird for them.   Here goes.

I got a coupon off Facebook for free Starbucks ice cream, which is great, but I cannot find a single store anywhere in NYC or Brooklyn (I’ve been in like 5 or 6 at least already) that sells it!   I’ve asked in Starbucks coffee stores and they are totally useless — they just say it is sold in grocery stores and then generally direct me somewhere I’ve already checked.

There must be some store in Manhattan or Brooklyn (Sunset Park area) that sells this stuff!   I love free stuff and really don’t want to waste this coupon. So I know coupons aren’t the usual fare for Tomato Nation readers….but it’s a recession so help a girl out :-).

I’m Screaming For Ice Cream, That’s Who




  • adam807 says:

    I haven’t bought it in a while, but I’ve definitely seen it. I think my C-Town in Queens carries it sometimes, though that doesn’t help you. D’Agostino’s used to have it, but that doesn’t help you either since they’re out of business. But I guess my point is it’s not a regional thing, it’s definitely available in the area…somewhere. I’ll keep an eye out!

  • Shissher says:

    I can’t say where to buy the ice cream, but if you go to this link, and enter your zip code, it should return the stores where you can find the ice cream. I’ve found it in the supermarket near my house, but I have to say, it wasn’t my favorite.

  • Brigid says:

    My local Walgreens has it. Not sure if they ALL do but I think there’s at least one in Manhattan. Maybe call and ask?

  • Sarah says:

    Maybe try convenience/drug stores as well? I think the one time I bought Starbucks ice cream, which was back in 1997 in Chicago, it was at a CVS. (Or that could have just been coffee-flavored ice cream. I don’t entirely remember.)

  • L says:

    I second the Walgreens recommendation–I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it at the one on Atlantic Ave and 3rd Ave in Brooklyn.

  • Ellen says:

    In addition to using the store locator, contact the store you’re planning to go to and confirm that they take internet coupons – a number of major grocery/pharmacy retailers are no longer accepting them because of the high incidence of counterfeit coupons. Good luck and happy ice cream eating!

  • KG says:

    I used to buy Starbucks ice cream in Stop & Shop. I’m not super-familiar with NYC, but there a few Stop & Shops in Brooklyn.

  • Ang says:

    My local Targets have it.

  • meltina says:

    Agreed with Sarah on drug stores. They do seem to carry brands of ice cream that many grocery stores don’t for whatever reason.

  • ferretrick says:

    I bet if you call and complain, they’ll send you a bunch more coupons…for stuff none of their stores have.

  • amy k says:

    D’Agostino isnt out of business. There are 18 stores in NY and Westchester… Manhattan only now… see

  • JB says:

    I know, at least in Colorado, that both Target and Walmart carry it in their freezer sections.

  • JK says:

    C-Town stores in Manhattan definitely carry it.

  • Lucrezia says:

    Thanks Shissher! I can’t believe I didn’t find that website when I was looking before.

  • adam807 says:

    Good to know about D’ag’s. All the ones I used to shop at are no more, so I thought it was the whole chain.

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