The Vine: April 18, 2014
April 18, 2014 · 19 Comments

I've just finished losing a considerable amount of weight, and for the first time in my adult life I want to own a bikini.


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The Vine

The Vine: April 9, 2014
April 9, 2014 · 15 Comments


I'm trying to find the name of a movie I saw as a kid and Vine readers are usually able to figure out anything. This has stumped my Facebook friends and my Google skills, including searching IMDB for soundtracks with specific music on it (see my description).

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Bang The Drum Slowly (…not THAT slowly)
April 6, 2014 · 11 Comments
<em>Bang The Drum Slowly</em> (…not THAT slowly)

Bruce Pearson (Robert De Niro), C-plus catcher for the New York Mammoths, finds out before the season begins that he has terminal Hodgkin's lymphoma. The only other person he entrusts with the information is his …

TN in TN
April 3, 2014 · 5 Comments
TN in TN

The Conference on Baseball in Literature and Culture is Friday!

Hobey, 1995-2014
March 28, 2014 · 211 Comments
Hobey, 1995-2014

One time, years ago, I started making a list of all the nicknames I had for the Hobe: Orangino. Hobey Wan. Clicks. Herr Mittenspiel. Grampy. Creamsicle. Tolstoy.

The Vine: March 26, 2014
March 26, 2014 · 26 Comments
The Vine: March 26, 2014

My ex-husband and I have been divorced for 12 years, and I have custody of our 13-year-old son.
I am remarried, and my son visits his father somewhat irregularly, but often enough that they have …

The Vine: March 21, 2014
March 21, 2014 · 29 Comments
The Vine: March 21, 2014

My friends and I recall a certain scene opening from a book, but can't remember which book. It's kinda driving us crazy.

The Vine: March 19, 2014
March 19, 2014 · 6 Comments
The Vine: March 19, 2014

I have an old friend who is having some pretty serious mental health problems. We were close in the K-12 years and have drifted apart over the last decade-plus, but we still keep in touch.

TN Read-Along #18: The Good Nurse Live Chat
March 17, 2014 · 11 Comments
TN Read-Along #18: <em>The Good Nurse</em> Live Chat

The Good Nurse live chat is happening tomorrow — that's Tuesday March 18 — at 1 PM Eastern!

The Vine: March 14, 2014
March 14, 2014 · 29 Comments
The Vine: March 14, 2014

My mom has cancer. She's doing all right, and responding to the treatment, and feeling okay, and all; this isn't a cancer question.

In Which The New Donors Choose Office Makes It Quite Dusty In My Own
March 13, 2014 · 35 Comments
In Which The New Donors Choose Office Makes It Quite Dusty In My Own

You guys are a work of art. Lookit!

The Vine: March 7, 2014
March 7, 2014 · 7 Comments
The Vine: March 7, 2014

I hope that the good Nation will be able to help me find a book I loved as a kid. I'm pretty sure the book was something I ordered through a Scholastic catalog in the …