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The Vine: November 20, 2000
November 20, 2000 · No Comment

Hey Sarah,
I'm "Waiting's" girlfriend. The plot is a tad bit thicker than my girlfriend may have led you to believe. It isn't as simple as just having her birth certificate with her…that wouldn't help. She …

The Canon According To Tomato Nation, Part Four
November 19, 2000 · No Comment

It's Monday again. I had a houseguest over the weekend, and while the houseguest rocked my world, the pile of work which I ignored in favor of houseguest fun times did not, and I have …

Dear Hammurabi: Help.
November 19, 2000 · No Comment

The universe has its laws. Conservation of energy, conservation of matter, the speed at which light travels – all well-known properties of our universe, all proven by science, all memorized by high-school physics students. Other …

The Canon According To Tomato Nation, Part Three
November 19, 2000 · No Comment

It's Monday. I slept poorly last night, partly because I ate a snack about an hour before going to bed and had utterly bizarre chocolate-fueled dreams involving Tom Skerritt and a merry-go-round as a result, …

The Vine: November 17, 2000
November 17, 2000 · No Comment

On Not's problem,
Just a quickie comment that I think her man might have something else going with someone else.It's based on no info other than what she provided, but if suddenly my BF got cold …

The Vine: November 16, 2000
November 16, 2000 · No Comment

Dear Sarah,
Over the summer, I got involved in an Internet relationship with a girl from Canada. I am originally from California and was there while I was involved with this girl online. In August, I …

The Vine: November 15, 2000
November 15, 2000 · No Comment

Dear Sarah –
I've been dating a new man for about two months now.We hit it off very well and are enjoying getting to know one another.He recently has developed some feelings that he's unable to …

The Vine: November 14, 2000
November 14, 2000 · No Comment

Hi Sarah,
I read The Vine today, and I think I may know why that coffee blows. Now, assuming they've got a drip coffee maker, and it's an hour between the time he makes it and …

The Vine: November 13, 2000
November 13, 2000 · No Comment

Dear Sarah,
Recently, my fabulous boyfriend of one and a half years moved in to my apartment. Things are going very well, he is the best roommate I have ever had, and it is bringing us …

The Vine: November 9, 2000
November 9, 2000 · No Comment

Oh, Sarah.
I have a large collection of medical difficulties, all of which preclude insurance for me. My mother applied for a credit card in my name to pay for my medical expenses (which regularly exceed …