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The Vine: April 17, 2001
April 17, 2001 · No Comment

Dear Sarah,
Some time ago, I found out I was pregnant. I'd only been dating the father of this baby for two months, but things had already gotten pretty serious between us. And while I fully …

The Vine: April 16, 2001
April 16, 2001 · No Comment

Dear Vine:
I think I should start off by saying that when it comes to men, I am about as introverted and shy as they come. And knowing that my friends seem to find endless amounts …

The Vine: April 13, 2001
April 13, 2001 · No Comment

Hey there.
I like your opinions. They're often really funny. Just thought I should say that. And I've read some of your Vine advice, and you may not be degree'd, but you make sense. So I …

The Vine: April 12, 2001
April 12, 2001 · No Comment

Dear Sarah,I agree with the advice you gave to Panicked, and I'd like to take it one step further. Most people, once out of college, have to do their time in the corporate world. Anyone …

The Vine: April 11, 2001
April 11, 2001 · No Comment

Hey Sarah,
I read the Vine every day, and you seem to dispense much of the same advice I would. You and I think along the same lines. (I tend to believe that is a good …

The Vine: April 10, 2001
April 10, 2001 · No Comment

Dear Sarah,
I'm a senior in high school, and I'm having some major problems. First off: next year I'll be going to college, and my school keeps sending me crap about Orientation Week, complete with glossy …

The Vine: April 9, 2001
April 9, 2001 · No Comment

Sars, I agreed with your advice to A&M, but I wanted to add a few other things, from a person who's been married about the same length of time.
No, downplaying each other's dreams is NOT …

The Vine: April 6, 2001
April 6, 2001 · No Comment

Dear Sars,
While reading Alone and Misunderstood's problem, I had a flash of compassion for her. I recently went through the same thing with my steady boy, and it was one of the hardest things I …

The Vine: April 5, 2001
April 5, 2001 · No Comment

Sars —
Allow me to respectfully disagree with your assessment of No One's Webmistress's problem. Ironically, I probably wouldn't be saying this had you not posted the text of his message. Yes, it is obvious from …

The Vine: April 4, 2001
April 4, 2001 · No Comment

In response to the part of D.J.'s dilemma that deals with the "big money versus helping the little guy" law-school problem:
I am a recent law-school graduate and current first-year associate at a somewhat large Manhattan …